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Новая копийная резина разработанная специально для дисков от колес 62 мм как в наборе 42043

New scale tires developed special for LEGO wheels 62 mm from set 42043


If you are ordering outside Russia (worldwide), shipping of 1-2 pairs of RC4WD wheels will cost you 400 RUR or aprox. 6 Euro (it depends on exchange course on payment date). If you have a questions press in the top right part of page to write us a message. Feel free to write in english. Check video manual

We also have rims (sold separately) for that tires NEW and USED (Б/У) in good condition

Wheel 43.2mm D. x 18mm flush axle stem, Light Bluish Gray (86652 / 4551421)

International shipping cost approx: to 250 gr - 6 euro; 251- 500 gr - 9 euro; 0,5-1kg - 17 euro

Parcels are well packed. We do our best to deliver it!

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